Amenities and Hotel Class – What Can Guests Expect?

Every metropolitan area in the United States offers numerous choices when it comes to hotels and amenities. That’s great news for the average consumer as it means they have options to fit their budget and that hotels are vying for their business. When hotels are competing for guests, prices are more competitive and hotel supplies are more abundant so consumers get more for their money. Additionally, stiffer competition means hotels are more aware of their occupancy rates. This usually leaves hotels and their management teams asking themselves how they can attract more guests and which hotel supplies they could add to please hotel guests and affect occupancy rates.Even if you only travel occasionally, you’ve likely noticed that all hotels offer basic amenities. Essentially, you pay for a hotel room and, whether it cost you $50 or $2,000, you expect it to have complimentary toiletries, hangers, an ironing board with an iron, an alarm clock and an information binder, among other hotel supplies. When hotels offer you less than the standard basics, it diminishes the perceived value and it affects your opinion of them as well as their occupancy rates. If hotels provide basic hotel supplies but there’s an apparent lack of quality, providing them may be for naught. Hotels strive to please their guests, part of which is offering quality hotel supplies.Where you can find a decent meal for $5, so too can you find hotels that provide basic amenities with a twist. The twist is typically plush towels that are softer than the standard bath towels, toiletries with luxury ingredients, high quality plastic tumblers and other hotel supplies that, while basic, are better quality than the basics. Serving trays, glass or ceramic bathroom fixtures, shower curtain rods that bow out for extra room and laundry bags are just a few of the hotel supplies and amenities that convey additional value. Mid-range hotels that are more than rest stops but less than full-service resorts often provide higher quality hotel supplies to their guests, in part as a way to affect their occupancy rates with little additional cost or effort.The amenities hotels offer will vary depending on the class of hotel. The pricier the hotel, the more and better amenities they’ll offer guests. Of course, basic hotel supplies will be offered but ice buckets will be faux leather, serving trays will be wooden or glass, coffee makers will be European or they’ll double as espresso makers and laundry bags will be cloth and part of complimentary laundry service. Room service, custom beds and 320-count sheets are just a few of the wide variety of amenities luxury hotels offer their valued guests.While there’s a wide variety of hotels with a spectrum of amenities and hotel supplies, all hotels have the same goal: providing guests an exceptional experience. Guest services are an important part of a guests experience After all, a friendly, helpful guest services attendant can turn a negative into a positive quickly and effortlessly. However, offering guests wealth of valuable, useful amenities not only impresses guests, it also helps occupancy rates. Regardless of where you stay or the hotel supplies offered, the, at the end of your visit, the hotel’s greatest wish is that you’ve enjoyed your stay and that you’ll return soon.

Explore the Opportunities of Travel and Ticketing As a Home Based Business

The tourism sector thrives despite global price rise, environmental and social unrest. Therefore building a career in this line is certainly productive. However people today are more aware of the best deals available with regard to flights, accommodations, tours etc. The travel agent’s job has hence become more challenging in procuring the most feasible packages for their clients.With the advent of the Computerized Reservations System (CRS), all what is needed is a PC with an internet connection to connect to any corner of the globe for coordinating tour operations. The success of a tour operator depends on the contacts he develops and the tie-up agreements he manages to acquire. An established travel agent can very well operate from home provided he/she is accessible to all travel intermediaries.A safe way to operate would be to liaison with other’s in the same profession so that whenever opportunities come up, they can be alerted and a share in profits earned. A travel agent has the advantage of being rewarded with excellent offers from airlines and hotels wherein they get free tickets to exotic locations and accommodation in the most luxurious of hotels and resorts. These offers are mainly based on the business they contribute to these corporations.A travel professional can safely operate from home if he has built up enough corporate and individual accounts that get all their ticketing and related formalities done with him. This ensures a steady flow of income and there’s no money lost on paying rents for office spaces taken in the heart of the city. A prerequisite for this profession however is a certified degree from any recognized travel and tourism school.Anyone wishing to operate from home can look out for contracts with big tour operators who will provide them with all the necessary paraphernalia required for a travel agency. Training classes will also be provided along with audio and video training CD’s and manuals. Such agents can enjoy the superior buying power of these big corporations and commissions will also be on a higher scale.The tourism industry which is the largest in the world has still more untapped areas to explore. One such is the cruise sector which is constantly on the lookout for more passengers. With people willing to spend more and experience new areas of the travel field, convincing them to take an exotic cruise is no more a big deal. You can start with your own family members, relatives, friends and people in the neighborhood and remember that whoever you meet could be a potential client.A travel agent operating from home has the advantage of working at flexible working hours. This is quite an interesting profession for those who are eager to learn about different cultures, people and geographical locations. Dedicated travel personnel are always on the lookout for unexplored destinations to present to their more daring clients who have a taste for adventure.A point to be noted is that customers may have expectations of 24 hour support from a travel agent working from home and therefore should rise up to such responsibility.